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Is your Current lock in good condition, but you fear a strange person has a spare key, so you need to improve your security and keep your lock at the same time? So, you are searching for the Rekey service! Mobile Locksmiths Atlanta is the local rekey service in Atlanta, GA, to increase the security of your locks.

The zip codes we serve include; 30302, 30303, 30304, 30305, 30306, 30308 30309, and 303010.


24/7 Emergency Rekey Locks Service

Have you lost your keys!

Need to sleep at your house in safety while you have recently lost your keys? We understand your fear from someone who has picked up your house key to come at midnight and threaten your family members?

Mobile Locksmiths Atlanta is here in Atlanta, Georgia, to prevent any criminal from breaking into your house, car, or office, serving you 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Even if it is 1 A.m. on Christmas day, you will find our certified locksmiths are well-prepared to arrive you in a few minutes and offer 1st rate rekey door lock.  

Can you imagine that after using your car key spare instead of the original key, you have gone upstairs where your house, leaving your car and the thief who have picked up your automobile keys open it to steal?

Please rekey service isn’t the thing you can wait to get at the time you have lost your keys; that’s why Mobile Locksmiths Atlanta offers 24/7Emergency Rekey service.

Is your door lock damaged?

Can you wait in front of your house door all night as your lock cylinder is damaged at midnight when all locksmith companies are closed? It’s the time to know that there are licensed locksmiths who wait for your call around the clock to rekey your lock, changing the broken pins and springs. 

Maybe you read this page, as your key has been broken in the lock cylinder causing in damages at your locks. In no time, we will extract the broken key and do the needed repairs for your lock.

No need for any worry. We are the experienced lock repair service that has spent more than 15 years in offering rekey car locks, residential locks, and commercial locks.

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When You Have To Rekey Your Lock

Rekeying a house lock

Have you rent or bought a new house? In this case, maybe a spar of your house key with the previous owner or maybe the interior designer/ carpenter/ plumber/ real estate agent or any other person still has a copy of the key.

Have you had a bad person in your life who has had a copy of your house key? Have you lost your house keys? In both cases, there are enemies that threaten your safety.

Rekeying an office lock

Have you moved your work to a new place? This case is the same as moving into a new home, as a stranger may have access to your work.

Have you had a high turnover? So, the previous employees have your keys, and maybe they are on their road to steal your financial documents. Need for rekey master lock service? Or have you lost your office key? Maybe a thief steals your commercial keys deliberately. 

Rekeying an Automotive lock

Have you lost your automobile keys somewhere you can’t remember, which puts your car in danger of stealing? Can’t your ignition key attach successfully with the ignition lock, so the key can’t move the cylinder to switch on the car as a result of having broken pins and wafers? For that, you need to get a rekeying car ignition service. 

[For all these cases and more, you will find that Mobile Locksmiths Atlanta is the best rekeying locks service in Atlanta, GA, to arrive at any time of the day in quick, costing you +Cheap Prices.]

Our Special Offers

Rekey V.S Change Locks Service

Rekey lock is the least expensive choice when you need to upgrade your vehicle, house, or commercial building security. But sometimes change locks isn’t an option to do or not.

So, at the time, you have faced one of these issues, and your lock can’t secure you enough, or it is old-designed; you will need to change your locks.

Do you have a damaged lock, so you need to get rekeying locks service? Sometimes the cost to rekey locks is more than the cost to change the whole lock. How?

At the time you have a full-damaged lock, rekeying it won’t put the end of the issue since, in a short time, you will face another issue to fix it, which costs you the locksmith repair service. At the time, changing the lock with a new one will be just for once.

So, we advise you to call Mobile Locksmiths Atlanta for +a certified & long experienced locksmith to arrive and check your lock to identify the best solution for you at the lowest price.

Our Professional Services

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Sophia Jacob

Thank you so much for all the quick and affordable lock repair work you did for my business doors. I am impressed at the level of speed and delicateness that you poured in the work. I’ll definitely be referring all I know to you all for locksmith services.

Jayden Ethan

I am a real estate agent who needs a good locksmith I can rely on to help me with security purposes on a weekly basis. This place has really fast work and affordably priced service rates. I would not ever call elsewhere as they were they only ones who took care of what I needed to be done quickly at a price I can fit into my budget well

Emily Daniel

Worth every penny. The nice thing about a mobile locksmith service is that you can just wait for them to come to you to help you on the road with your ignition repair. I didn’t have to get my car towed to an expensive dealership and I am so thankful for that

Anthony Elijah

I definitely recommend this locksmith company. They are really fast at responding and are very honest. What the price quote is that they tell you on the phone is the exact same charge with no other charges.

Liam James

Happy with my rekey. I called in the same morning and they came to my house to do the rekey service on all of my house doors within, the next hour. So professional and kind.